The Olalla Center for Children and Families has provided psychiatric services for children in Lincoln County, with serious mental health challenges since 1978.  Olalla was created when the Oregon State Legislature was identifying positive ways to help children with mental health issues in the 70’s.  We are the only organization that can treat children requiring a higher level of restrictive environment in Lincoln County through our Day Treatment program by utilizing evidence-based, therapeutic interventions.

There are many children in Lincoln County suffering from mental health issues.  When children are struggling with their mental health the symptoms are displayed through their behaviors.  Olalla seeks to identify, understand, manage and eventually heal these very real wounds in children’s emotional lives.   Behaviors that suggest mental health issues in a child include but are not limited to; withdrawal, aggression, violence, suicidal thoughts and/ or self harm behaviors, compulsions, severe nightmares, regression (including sudden renewed bed-wetting, thumb sucking or other age related regression),  severe meltdowns and/ or an inability to handle emotions appropriately.

If you know a child struggling with these or other concerning behaviors, please call Olalla or another therapist in the Lincoln County area.  Early detection and intervention is key to healing and hope for the future.Olalla is a non-profit, community driven, community based organization.  We strongly believe in the power of community.  The research shows that community involvement increases positive outcomes in people suffering from mental health issues.  We have felt the support of the Toledo community as well as the Lincoln County community as a whole and at times rely on that support to continue operating.  Olalla strives to support the community in return by early intervention with children and families who are struggling.  

Olalla also supports the community by supporting other non-profits such as the Flowerree Community Center, the Oregon Coast Children’s Theater, the KYAQ Public Radio Station and the Central Coast Child Development Center as well as local artists such as Heather Fortner of Sea Fern Nature Printing Studio.  All of these people and organizations are located in the old Mary Harrison School building that houses the Olalla Center at 321 SE 3rd Street in Toledo, Oregon. Olalla also partners with the Lincoln County School District, Lincoln County Mental Health, Lincoln County Department of Human Services Child Welfare Division, Head Start, Early Intervention, Lincoln County Developmental Disabilities Services and more.  We believe it takes a village to raise a child and we are fully in support of building our village!