Out Patient Services 

Olalla’s Out Patient Services can be tailored to each individual child and family.  Every family is unique.  We are an independent organization so we can design our services to meet the family’s needs.  The following are some of the Out Patient services we offer.  If you have questions or would like to talk about creating a unique treatment plan for your child and family, please call 541-336-2254.

  • Individual Therapy
    • Individual Therapy involves a Qualified Mental Health Professional meeting with a child or adolescent once per week after creating a treatment plan with the parent/ caregiver and child (if age appropriate).  The QMHP will communicate with the parent/ caregiver regarding the child/ adolescent’s behaviors but will also respect the child/ adolescent’s right to privacy, as long as there are no safety concerns.
  • Family Therapy
    • Family Therapy involves a QMHP meeting with parents/ caregivers, the struggling child and whoever else is identified by the parents/ caregivers as playing an important role in their lives.  Family Therapy examines the whole family system rather than focusing on specific people.  It is designed to improve family functioning, understanding and communication.  Family Therapy is often combined with Individual Therapy.
  • Group Therapy
    • Group Therapy is a program offered within the public school system.  Group Therapy offers peer to peer support with the guidance of a QMHP and curriculum aimed at specific common challenges that multiple children are facing within the school setting.
  • Skills Training
    • Skills Training provides one on one support for a child in need of specific skills.  Skills Training is provided by Qualified Mental Health Associates trained in behavior management techniques.  Skills Training can happen in the school setting, home setting or community setting.


Warren Project:  Nature Connection Therapy  

The Olalla Center is proud to announce the launch of a new program with the potential of revolutionizing how children and teens, particularly those in foster care, receive treatment and are embraced by the community.  This program combines traditional mental health services like individual, group and family therapy with a mentoring program, all of which is based in an outdoor setting on the beautiful Oregon Coast.  We use the vastness of the outdoors and provide deep, meaningful experiences for these kids and their families, all while creating awareness and familiarity in the community.  All the additional support will have a cumulative effect on children and teens, the foster care system and the community as a whole.

Pegasus Program

This program teams horses with a Mental Health Professional and an Equine Specialist to provide individual, family, or group sessions. These sessions focus on ground work with horses (no riding), with the horse(s) supporting clients through the use of metaphor and skills. This program uses the EAGALA model of equine assisted therapy. Clients learn by practicing skills in real-time which makes the experience immediate; these experiences are then tied into what is occurring in the clients’ lives.

Day Treatment

Day Treatment, Olalla’s original program, is a therapeutic school alternative for children requiring a more restrictive environment then the public school system can offer.   Overseen by a Licensed Child Psychiatrist, the Day Treatment program offers children between the ages of 6-13 a structured setting that combines education and therapy through the following services:

  • Special Education (provided by the Lincoln County School District)
  • Transportation (provided by Mid Columbia Bus Company)
  • Milieu Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Parenting Classes

Day Treatment is a five day per week, year-round program.  Children average between 6 months and a year in the program, though shorter and longer time frames happen.  The program is designed to discover the source of a child’s social, emotional and/ or behavioral challenges through a thorough understanding of the child’s experiences as well as discover interventions that aid the child in negotiating their world.  At Olalla, we teach age appropriate skills in emotion regulation, relaxation techniques, identifying triggers, conflict management and communication.  These skills,  combined with the discoveries,  help parents, caregivers and teachers learn how to best aid children with challenges.


Respite is a socialization program for children ages 3-13 that is operated most weekends of the year.  The program is designed to give parents and caregivers a break.  It can be exhausting raising children with emotional and behavioral challenges.  Respite is an opportunity for parents to have time without work and children to rejuvenate.  We know that parenting is difficult and believe that parents need to take care of themselves so they can operate at their best with their children.

Respite plays a dual purpose by giving children the opportunity to practice their growing skills in a less structured environment.  Respite focuses on peer to peer and social interaction skill building through play, imagination, games, music, arts and crafts as well as outings in the community. Respite is a day program that includes limited transportation to and from the program.