In order to meet the changing needs of the children and families of Lincoln County, Olalla is constantly striving to improve itself.  Here is a list of the currently planned improvements.  If you see a need or improvement that Olalla can make please send your thoughts and comments to  We are always interested in your thoughts and opinions!

Relief Nursery

A Relief Nursery is an evidence-based program aimed at abuse prevention.  Olalla is currently working on creating a Relief Nursery for Lincoln County.  Relief Nurseries have proven their value in other areas of the State of Oregon and across the nation.  If you would like to be a part of this amazing new program please send an email to or call 541-336-2254.

Mary Harrison School Building

In 2012, the Lincoln County School District graciously sold the Mary Harrison Elementary School building to Olalla.  The Mary Harrison School had been empty for many years.  As buildings do, Mary Harrison School has aged and is in need of many serious repairs.   The building currently houses the following non-profits Olalla, Central Coast Child Development Center, Flowerree Community Center, Central Coast Children’s Theater and KYAQ Public Radio in addition to several private artists including Sea Fern Nature Printing Studio.

Thanks to grants from the Flowerree Foundation, the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund, the Ford Family Foundation and many local businesses and individuals the Mary Harrison School building is operational.  However, our goal is to bring it beyond its former glory so renovations are continuing.  There are serious repairs that need to be made as well as cosmetic upgrades in order for the building to be worthy of the pride the Toledo community has for this building.  If you would like to be a part of this community building project please email or call 541-336-2254.